Vote to help find a good name for GameTable?

I’ve been planning to come up with my own version of GameTable – now called OSU-gt – for a while.

I’ve actually ended up joining the dev team, but at this time, our objectives do not seem to be compatible. I planned an architectural redesign the whole thing – mainly to allow third party plugins, update to latest technology and potentially plug in a better graphics engine. They are working on stabilizing what they already have to push out a 2.0 version. They don’t seem to have enough time on their hands to really look over what I plan to do.

I’m not “mr. Free Time” either, so I hate spending what time I had spare for this project on waiting to get my ideas approved… so I decided I’ll branch my version out and see what happens. More details on my short-term objectives later on.

Right now, I need a name for the project.


I’ve had an interesting offer from the OSU-gt team. Maybe I won’t branch out after all 🙂

1 thought on “Vote to help find a good name for GameTable?

  1. how about a real comment? =D need a bigger update post, i think. speaking of which, how goes things? haven’t heard from you in a while… well, to be fair, i haven’t been heard from in a while either. ^^ hope things are well with you and that i hear from you soon.

    – nijineko

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