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I used to rely on http://analyze.websiteoptimization.com for analyzing under-performing web pages – and to heighten customer’s awareness of the impact of file sizes and load times.

While the tool is great, I never actually took the time to see how well it did its job.

Here’s my beef with it at this time:

  • It might not be smart enough in its CSS analysis – from what I understand, it will look for every image link in the CSS and count it – no matter if the image actually needs to be loaded.

I’d love to find a FireFox plugin that would use the browser’s rendering engine to figure out what has been downloaded.

I tried to save to disk using the browser, but it does not always pick up the files linked by the CSS (both in IE and FireFox).

Anyone knows of good alternatives for this kind of analysis?

5 thoughts on “Web Page Download Size

  1. Thanks for the tip – I found YSlow, which is very nice… I also figured out that the Web Developer Toolbar had “Document Size” in its “Information” tools that does exactly what I needed.
    YSlow was very interesting for new insights on how to speed things up.

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