Tracking traffic statistics

I’m wondering… what are the pros and cons of these engines:

Feature-wise, Google Analytics is awesome. One of the drawback is that its hosted “outside”.

I’ve been using AWStats for awhile. Its cute, but it is very limited in its tools to analyze data and has no tracking options.

Piwik is a new one to me. Seems pretty awesome, but it is also pretty young.

My all-time favorite engine is the one that came with a Website I once ran off GoDaddy – entirely proprietary, of course.

Anyone has experience to share with these (or others)?

2 thoughts on “Tracking traffic statistics

  1. piwik shows promise, though I doubt it will scale. Amount of data generated by a webserver logger can grow tremendously. Excerpt:

    << If your website is a medium or high-traffic website (a few hundred visits per day or more) >>

    Hundreds of visits per day is medum/high-traffic? Ouch.

    AWStats gets the balance right; it does not try to be the silver bullet, while performance is right; I’ve seen it handle millions of hits per day. Also, awstats sees from a server POV, not from a client POV (like GA-Piwik do, by using javascript); that gives different metrics.

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