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Making PHP4 and PHP5 coexist on a WebServer

Making PHP4 and PHP5 coexist on a WebServer

New open source software is coming out and wants to use PHP5.

Meanwhile, old open source software has been heavily modded and can’t be updated to the latest release that has been fixed for PHP5.

And you really don’t have the time, resources or willpower to go through a cesspool of community-spewed, fermented, piece of trash code to fix it.

Better let it run under PHP4.

It’s a possible scenario.

There are many articles dealing with that theme:

Below, you will find the quick and dirty, step-by-step guide I used to setup the following:

  • PHP4 using mod_php (because the bulk of my PHP needs runs PHP4)
  • PHP5 using mod_fastcgi
  • Then, you can configure paths (or whole domains) to run with whatever PHP version you like.