MySQL 5 does not like MySQL 4.1.

Reading about the new features in MySQL 5.x go me really excited about upgrading.

See, we’re running 4.1 on our production servers. Being a careful person, I decided to fit one of our dev machines with MySQL 5.0 to see how the switch would go.

Running a few older apps quickly god me into trouble. Queries that were running fine with MySQL 4.1 started breaking up under 5.0.

“column not found”. What the heck do you mean, column not found???

What I found is this “column not found” bug report from MySQL

Basically, some syntax from 4.1 was bad and got upgraded. Fine. I guess.

What pisses me off is at the end of the bug report:

31 Oct 2005 19:34 Paul DuBois

The changes in behavior for joins are documented here now,
along with suggestions on how to rewrite queries when necessary:

There is no sql_mode setting for getting the old incorrect behavior.

So, since we run alot of open source software and we definately don’t want to go revise every little query in there, this means that either I will never upgrade to 5.0 or I will have to run an extra 4.1 for old opensource software with “incorrect behavior” that works perfectly.


So, screw backwards compatibility.

I’m sticking to 4.1 for now.