NEC LCD1770GX, follow up

Okay, so I’ve been using the NEC LCD1770GX LCD monitor for long enough to have some actual impressions… so here are…

1) The case of the green lit pixel. Its there. Looks like I’m not planning on trying to return the monitor. It’s semi-annoying. If I didn’t get a refurbished monitor and if I wasn’t expecting not to be able to get a replacement, I’d return the monitor for it. The green lit pixel is nearly (when not completely) invisible when working in light environments. I don’t notice it when programming. I don’t notice it when word processing. However, in dark environments, it shines. Dark movies have a green flashy dot.

I have a dead pixel on a CRT at work and I’ve learned to forget it. It ain’t as annoying as a lit pixel. But its something you can live with.

Sadly, Pixel Phoenix did nothing to revive my lit pixel.

2) Color accuracy. Its okay. Most people will be more than happy with it, right off the box. But, in my opinion, this monitor’s color accuracy does not compare to what I would’ve got from a similarily-priced CRT. I’ve heard (and I believe) that a higher end LCD monitor would’ve satisfied me.

Basically, the light colors are too desaturated. For instance, a light yellow that I could clearly see on my CRT is barely different from white. Light colors come out way brighter than on a CRT (nearly giving me a headache on my first session), but I quickly got used to it. Calibration is a mess. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get it calibrated exactly like I want. Good thing it was in a very acceptable state right off the box. I think this is something that’d be true for every LCD screens. Brightness and contrast just doesn’t work the same anymore. The very darks are very darker and the brights are very brighter.

In more precise terms, from perfect black to just a touch lighter bears too great a difference for me to calibrate my monitor as I am used too.

I haven’t tried printing any art I’ve made with the monitor, so I don’t have any final thoughts on accuracy. I think its still decent. If this was my pro graphics designer monitor, I wouldn’t be entirely satisfied. But for home and the occasional graphics work, I say its fine.

3) Refresh at 12ms. Video animators won’t like 12ms (or they might get used to it). It just ain’t fast enough. There’s tearing when playing video (I haven’t seen any when playing a DVD, but doing some video mixing or fullscreen playing of other video files shows some). Not enough for me to be angry about it. But definately not what I got from the Viewsonic’s 4-8ms. Between the poor quality of the Viewsonics’ backlighting and the small shearing and tearing from 12ms playback, I’ll take the shearing and tearing anytime.


The NEC LCD1770GX is a decent, very affordable monitor. It looks nice. Doesn’t have all the options you could dream of from its menu. It’s got a cool USB hub (which I might end up missing when you’ll switch monitors five years from now). You won’t get the quality output from a CRT of the same size, but the footprint size in itself might make it worth considering.

I’d recommend it to people on a budget.