NEC LCD1770GX, first impressions

I received my Refurbished NEC LCD1770GX 17″ LCD Monitor yesterday.

It’s pretty cool.

The thing that gets me the most excited (for some reason) is that it sports a nifty USB hum that gives me 4 extra USB plugs right where I need’em : near my face.

So my Wacom tablet and my HP Scanner are now plugged in the back of my monitor. And when I feel the urge to plug in a joystick or a cam, I can plug them to the side of my monitor. Pretty nifty.

Also cool are the adjustment features. This baby can tilt (which the viewsonic also could). It can be raised and lowered (the other monitor didnt) and it can rotate left and right (cool).

Raising it and lowering it is a bit annoying to me. I don’t like grabbing the screen firmly and shoving it up or down, so I go by the base which unnerringly removes the back panel (which usually hides the wires).

Them I need to replace the back panel which means I usually end up lowering the screen.

After a bit of swearing, I left the monitor at its lowest setting and decided to lower my chair instead.

I’ll play with it when my patience meter regenerates.

The screen itself is nice. Gone are the backlighting horrors I saw on my viewsonic screen. The colors seem nice and vivid.

The screen itself is shiny and seems harder than the other LCDs I saw (I didn’t touch it yet). But its glossy, which might get on people’s nerves.

The first thing I see on a darks screen is my face.

Then I see a stupid lit pixel. Not a dead pixel, a lit pixel. A tiny defect. 1 pixel out of 2097152 pixels. 0.00005%.

It bugs me, but maybe I can learn to live with it – after all, I learned to ignore the two lines of my previous Multisync’s Apperture Grille.

I could send it back to FutureShop, but I might not get a new one. I’d get my money back and I could by a non-refurbished monitor somewhere else for about 200$ more.

So the question is: is this stupid little pixel worth 200$?

We’ll see if it still annoys me in a few days.

So this is my preliminary report on it. Stay tuned as I work with it and share more of my vividly entertaining impressions.

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