DotClear Comic Strip Plugin

Comic Strip plugin for the DotClear Blog Engine

Current Version: 1.0

Last update: July 21nd 2005

Package: plugin-comicstrip-1.0.pkg.gz

Description: Plugin allowing you to add comic strips to your DotClear blog.

In the works

  • Linking a strip to a blog post
  • Defining story arcs (enhanced strip browsing)
  • Templates for displaying strips
  • Admin UI redesign


  • Various bug fixes (allows to work on
  • Setup fix (database schema was wrong)
  • Admin UI overhaul (thanks to Laurent Beneytout)


  • Add strips to your DotClear blog

4 thoughts on “DotClear Comic Strip Plugin

  1. I’ve seen in the source, function about RSS and Atom. Is there any way to add the strip to the rss of dotclear.

    By the way great plugin.

  2. I had done so in the first version, but I removed it for two reasons:

    • DotClear’s caching prevented the feeds to be updated when the publishing date of a strip arrived. It was only updated when a new post was made
    • DotClear’s current plugin architecture does not allow to add something to the feeds without modifying the code (it’d end up being a mod instead of a plugin) – which is something I’m trying to avoid

    I ended up moving it down in the development priority list (since I was already making a new entry every time a comic came out).

    Since then, DotClear’s caching has become less agressive. The upcomming version of the plugin allows to put posts online at a certain date (still needs someone or something to access the blog to trigger the update).

    I’ll review the RSS and ATOM methods of the plugin and see what I can do about giving details about a DotClear MOD for RSS (or maybe check with the guys at DotClear to see how they feel about extending plugin capacities).

  3. Wow, Dotclear comic plugin? sure this is a great news, i think my friend gonna need this plugin for her comic blog. Maybe she didn’t know yet. Thx

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