Mighty mouse’ll save the day!!!

I’ve always had a fondness for Apple’s mouse designs. I loved the “iPuck”. Well, I loved to look at it. Not touch it or manipulate it in any way. I had this wonderful idea that they should do a wireless version of it.

Y’know, perfectly circular, perfectly simmertrical, no write, no button (just apply pression on the iPuck to click). It’d be beautiful. And you’d have even less chances to be able to grab the mouse and know which way moves the pointer up.

Well, this went away with the old iMac and Apple built more sensible mice.

But now, there’s a new mouse in town – apple’s new, powerul, Mighty Mouse!

It’s sleek. It looks buttonless. It even has a little clit-looking trackball ontop.

It’s a trackball on a mouse! They shoulda called it the double mouse and leave my name alone!

Said a retired rodent superhero who preferred to remain anonymous.

It looks buttonless, but it has “sensors” that react when you apply pressure on them.

Me, I like to give these new technological widgets a name. Let me pull one out of my ass and let’s call them “buttons”.

Side buttons seem fine. But the top buttons… you can’t feel’em or see’em. Call me old school, but I kinda believe that – even though it really looks pretty cool – it’s incredibly counter intuitive and therefore starts dabbling in the realm of “bad design”.

At least, mac users get a new pluti-sensitive-plated-tickle-me-spotted mouse and it looks pretty sleek. I almost can’t wait to actually try one 😛