BIND. My own personal nightmare.

If you’re here, its because you know here exists.

And it you know here exists, you know that here has been down for a few days (or is it weeks already?)

Reason for this is that I was tring to move from its current provider to my company’s webserver.

And that involved a few things, that are usually quite simple:

  • Make my registrar’s DNS entries for point to its new home
  • Move the web site & database from one server to another.

Simple, right? I done that quite a few times. Should be easy.

Well, I didn’t expect it to be too easy. And that was the reason I tried it with first.

See, this time, the web admin is 100% me. That means that I have to make the entries into my own DNS server. Which means I have to figure out how this DNS stuff really works.

I first had to figure out that I has to run my own DNS. Just the figuring out what I had to do part was already something.

I’ve been told I had to let my registrar know I was running my own DNS. Fine.

So I’ve had to mix up in the whole CNAME, NS, A mess. Quite a buzz. Not sure if I got this all right.

I’m sparing you my agonizing pain at testing this thing out. Turns out I had it OK the first time around but I somehow had to restart my name server for it to see all the nice changes I had made. Maybe it was caching or something, I don’t know.

Let’s just say I figured out how to make BIND behave how I want it to (for now) and how to make httpd behave like I want it too.

Now I have to figure out how to structure this so it makes sense…. eventually, I’ll get an experienced someone to set it up so it runs efficiently too.

For now, the server doesn’t see too much traffic. But I prefer to plan ahead…

Let’s just say I’m glad to be back up.

(Now to figure out these MX entries…)