More CVS and more Eclipse.

Cool thing : update does not mean “I’ll crush your local files with my version, foo’!” (think of Mr T)

It seems to mean : I know what version you last synchronized with, let me download the latest patches since then and apply it for you.

Which means you don’t loose your changes. Which means it’s all coo’.

Anyone who’se had experience with version management is probably guessing that I’m toying with multiple users “checking out” the same file.

See, using SourceSafe, we didn’t allow that. Single check outs. You want it? Someone else got it? Tough. We don’t trust code that’ll try to “merge the changes”.

With CVS, it seems we don’t have such an option and we’re reluctantly trusting the merging mechanism.

And he’s a cool one.

I’m starting to like CVS, but I’m still not comfortable with it. So I just might try and give that “subversion” fella a try.

Well, I would do it now, except that my little padawan of a server is having fun emerge-ing kdebase, which consists of about 15 packages related to KDE (including KDE itself and Konqueror).

It’s been compiling happily for the last… uhm… 6 or 7 hours. Maybe it’ll be done this week? Then I’ll check into subversion. Don’t we just looove that name?

It just drips with cool. It feels like the dark side… with a server named Anakin, what could be best?

Since I got me thinking about Mr T, here’s a quote from the man:

When I was growing up, my family was so poor we couldn’t afford to pay attention.