Eclipse-ic CVS

Okay, I think I got it.

Its freakish, but I got it.

Commit sends your version to the server.
Updating sends the server’s version to your local site
synchronizing tries to to both at the same time.

The thing you need to know about Eclipse, that might save you headaches, is that, when synchronizing the left window is the local version and the right window is the remote version. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

I think the windows are actually labeled when you’re doing “every day” sycnchronizing… but not when you’re doing the “I’m mapping this project to a CVS database for a first time” synchronizing. (My local version is not up to date for every file. Some files are more up to date than the remote database.)

A little labelling might’ve helped me to not fuck up my remote database.

Well, I caught on after having messed up only two files… (that’s before I figured how I could’ve messed up a whole packages in one signe shot – or the whole project). So I said unto myself: “no problem. I’ll just roll back to my previous version for these files. No biggie, right? right? RIGHT??

Well, I’ve still to figure ou the rollback thing. I figured I can tag a file to an older version (and can no longer update it). Ended up figuring out how to get rid of the friggin flag.

What I ended up doing is getting version 1.1 of the file and committing the changes. So now my files are up to 1.3. But 1.2 is useless and I would’ve wanted to thrash it.

If you’re into Eclipse and CVS, help, enlightment and tips & tricks are welcome!!

2 thoughts on “Eclipse-ic CVS

  1. If it’s not too late, I’d strongly suggest you to switch to subversion (SVN) instead of CVS (and learn a different set of installation procedures!). SVN was built as a low-learning-curve replacement for CVS users, to cope with some of the "by design" misfeatures of CVS. Amongst them: moving/renaming a file in CVS is a bloody nightmare; you must edit your history files by hand and pray things won’t break.

    I guess Eclipse already has a SVN connector – if not, calling ‘svn’ instead of ‘cvs’ should work without a glitch.

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