CSV it is

I must be insane.

I’m about to go to bed. Its 3am. I just finised to setup my CVS server on Anakin.

What can possess a guy to do that? To stay that late? I should’ve gone to bet at 10pm. Yesterday.

What took me so long? Well, many things. Understanding how CVS worked. Setting rights and groups “properly”. Figuring out how “Eclipse” connects to CSV using SSH.

After much labor, I finally succeeded. I’m uploading a few pieces of code right now. Just because I can.

Now, working remote’ll be much more cool.

I just need to get used to these tools… then try to make the rest of my friends use it too 😛

I love this shit. It makes me feel like a young hacker again. When DOS was around and I was the only one on the block who knew what he was doing.

I feel like that kind of magician again.

Like how I felt when I built a small set of functions that allowed me to use the video card in “mode X”. I was cool, some kinda genious kid. I was unique. I was all powerful. Nobody understood what I was doing – but they knew I knew what I was doing… I had results! They stood in awe at my might. Perplexed and amazed by what phenomenal abstractions my brains was able to harness.

Then progress came along and.. well… priorities shifted.

It’s cool to reconnect with these feelings again 😛